Restaurant Roamin’ with Roman: El Mesõn Restaurante Mexicano

It’s a Friday night. You’re ready to kick off the weekend by going out to eat, and you’re thinking Mexican. Now, Chattanooga has a plethora of Mexican restaurants, so which to choose? Decisions, decisions. Well, for the past 17 years in this city, a main weekend Mexican experience has been … a guy singing classic rock, folk and pop songs?


Eddie Pontiac has become a bit of a local staple, as El Mesõn next to Hamilton Place Mall added his solo-music-mix flavor to their menu ages ago, and I would venture to say most people living in this city for awhile (and many tourists) know exactly who he is. But to be a staple, you need a stapler, and that is where El Mesõn comes in, as it’s the food that has helped drive the prongs in.

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El Meson Restaurante Mexicano on Urbanspoon


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