10/7 Roamin’ the Mediterranean Day Three: Sea Day

Today we did not dock and the ship thundered forward to Turkey, so I slept in. Time also jumped up an hour as we crossed over a time zone. It was a beautiful sunny day and the ship decks were packed with people at the pools taking in the sun. Because I am going to be spending as much time as I can at the various ports I took the opportunity today to do a thorough exploration of the massive ship.

I packed my camera all around and took a boatload of pictures (bad pun intended). I had become pretty accustom to where things were on the ship already, but after today I had the whole ship pretty much mapped out in my head after visiting areas I hadn’t yet ventured to.

One thing I noticed right of the bat when I began this cruise, which I really saw even more today after watching people, is that there are a lot of snobs on this ship. With how much everyone is pampered on this cruise, with their every whim filled with a smile, it has gone to a lot of people’s heads. I’m sure that many of these people are like that all the time, but it makes me wonder if the constant pampering has brought out the snobbiness in other people as well. Don’t get me wrong this is not the vast majority, as most people are very pleasant and friendly, but the snob element is very evident.

One idiotic incident was this one lady giving one of the waitresses a hard time at one of the buffets. She was yelling at her saying, “No hable español?” to infer that she didn’t understand the English she was speaking to her, which didn’t make any sense to begin with. What made it even more stupid was that the waitress was obviously Indian and not Spanish or Hispanic.

My brother had an incident the night before with a guy that was trying to hit on the same girl my brother was talking to. When he found out he was staying on one of the lower decks, he tried to belittle him in front of the girl by asking him if he was down there doing dishes with the help.

I have seen various rude comments and such several times already, so the snobs are in full effect, but like I said, this is the vast minority and most people are very pleasant and friendly. I don’t associate with snobs to begin with, so they can keep to themselves in their own pissed off, self-glorified world of theirs, and I will continue to mingle with the cool people who are here to have a good time.

The night was formal night on the ship, so most everyone dressed up in his or her finest attire. I wore a suit and tie and had a good time at dinner and afterparties later on. After dinner I headed over to the cigar jazz bar and did it up mafia style (with inspiration from Sicily the previous day), smoking cigars and drinking brandy.

I then headed over to the dance club and it was packed. It was there that I saw no other than Willie and Anita Banger tearing it up on the dance floor. Those people are awesome!


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