6/16 Wonderment

In the morning we had class again. The highlight of the class for me was Emily’s rap that we worked on the night before. I was very impressed because I wasn’t sure how she was going to pull it off. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone from what I could tell and I think she did a wonderful job being able to bust it out without laughing (it was pretty cheesy). The beat boxers from the class added to the hilarity of it and I think it was one of the more entertaining presentations I have seen thus far. After class we headed over to the Museum of Childhood and the Writer’s Museum.
The Museum of Childhood was awesome as it brought back the feeling of wonderment that a child feels at all times. Just looking at the very old toys made you imagine what it was like to be a kid in generations prior in Scotland. After becoming an adult (or a teenager for that matter) we lose much of that wonderment that we had as children. I think it is healthy to not lose all of it however, and sometimes you just need to forget about the realities of life and remember when you were a kid. After all, that is what has helped shape what you are today. There are always those little sparks of imagination from childhood that will never die in all of us, no matter how old we get, though in some more than others.
After that we headed over to the Writer’s Museum. It was very interesting as it talked about Robert Lewis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns, who are the titans of Scottish writing. It was neat to be able to see items from their times as well as clothes they wore, and even locks of hair. The museum was rather small however, but still a must-see for any fan of literature visiting Edinburgh.
After that I activated my rail pass and found out that it is going to take me 7 hours to get to the Isle of Skye this coming weekend. I will be leaving at 8:25 a.m. and should get there around 3:15, which is cool because I will have some time to do a few things on Friday that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do. After that I headed back to the dorms, but took the wrong bus and it ended up taking me over an hour to get back. I then spent a great deal of time on the Internet getting these journals ready to upload and doing some other random things on the Internet I needed to do.


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